Brent Elementary School's "Outdoor Classroom" in Washington, D.C., is the final home of the U.S. Botanic Garden's Sustainable Schoolyard exhibit.
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The bird houses in the Sustainable Schoolyard were designed and constructed by a kindergarten class at the Peralta School in Oakland, California.

The process for these boxes included two workshops. At the first workshop the kids were told about Barn Owls and Chickadees — their habits, sizes, how they sound. Next they watched images from a chickadee nest box and barn owl box on web cams. Finally, they each decided what bird they wanted to make a nest box for, and designed the façade of the house in teams of four.

A parent volunteer took their drawings and built the houses. At the second workshop the kids painted the boxes.

One chickadee house is painted with a rainbow to “be pretty.”

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